Purification of Employee Stock Grants

The NCEO has found that in the United States alone, 28 million employees own stock in the company that they work for through various mechanisms including employee stock ownership plans, stock options, stock purchase plans, and 401(k) superannuation plans.

This represents almost 20% of the workforce of the United States. At the same time, Islamically, almost all publicly traded companies in the United States partake in activities that are Haram, and thus some fraction of the wealth and assets of the companies are impure. 

It’s therefore incumbent on Muslims to work out how to purify these stock grants. In the following article and slide deck, I show a method for computing what that percentage should be, using public information about Google’s finances.

Document: http://walee.dk/tatheer
Slides: http://walee.dk/tslides


15ml or 0.5 oz Measuring Cylinder

IMG_20160206_204103 (1)I have an aerosol spray that I use in the garden that is made from concentrate. The concentrate is powerful stuff, so no way I’d like to use stuff from the kitchen to measure it. The top to the aerosol sprayer is also very narrow, so you can’t just use a spoon or other tool to get in there.

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