Dishwasher Clean/Dirty indicator

The status of the dishwasher has caused more than a few discussions in the household, when one of us assumes that it’s clean when it’s not. To make it easy to know, I designed and printed a simple indicator. There’s a slider that can move to change the status.

IMG_20160206_194531 (1)IMG_20160206_194538 (1)

When we start a wash, we move the status indicator to clean. After we’ve unloaded, we push the slider so that DIRTY is visible.

OpenScad makes designing things like this incredibly easy. It’s like a programming language for 3D. It allows you to do maths on 3d geometry. When I say maths, I mean addition, subtraction, intersection, union, etc.

OpenScad files and STL available for download at Thingiverse.


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