Parental Log Earthdate 20150323.1022

Explorations continue on the best way to put the experimental subject (ES) to sleep.

First attempt: place in highly expensive automated bouncer. ES settles for 5 minutes, followed by starting to cry. Obviously experiment failed.

Second attempt: place in cheap hand-me-down bouncer and manually [Ed: what is this? The middle ages?] bounce baby for 5 minutes. Very soon ES’ eyes exhibit signs of sleepiness. Within 5 minutes, ES is asleep. Transfer to permanent sleep site attempted. ES freaked out by arms not being constrained — aka Moro reflex. Failed again.

Third attempt: wrap ES in receiving blanket. ES does not seem to like being constrained to receiving blanket, but for the sake of science, we push on with the experiment. Then place ES in aforementioned cheap hand-me-down-bouncer and bounce. Previous pattern re-occurs, albeit taking slightly longer. Upon initiating transfer, ES shows signs of waking. Simulation of bouncer seems to return ES to sleep. Transfer attempted to permanent sleep site (aka Colocated Rest Internment Bedding — or CRIB for short) requires continued simulation of aforementioned bouncer.

Recommendation: Wrap baby prior to placing in bouncer, place in bouncer for 10 minutes or until signs of deep sleep appear. Attempt transfer while continue to simulate bouncer.

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